Aluminium sliding doors


In winter, the cold stays outside. In summer, the heat. Sliding doors are thermally insulated to passive house standard and therefore create an internal climate that is pleasant at all times. For a clear conscience when heating your home. For low air conditioning costs at high outside temperatures. In short: for responsible use of energy.
Saving energy does not just mean contributing towards climate protection; it is also about saving money. In the face of soaring energy costs, this is in the interest of every client.

Sliding and folding sliding doors must meet high requirements in terms of thermal insulation – especially if large constructions are required. This creates a high level of comfort in your home by maintaining a constant, agreeable room climate; it also saves valuable energy and prevents high costs. And this is not only on cold days, but also in summer. Then, the heat stays outside and the cost of air conditioning can therefore be considerably reduced.

Optimum comfort and enormous potential for saving energy – a perfect match.

Lift-and-slide door

The aluminium profiles, which are thermally broken by insulating bars, are fitted with isolators and efficient gaskets. Together with high quality insulating glass, the best thermal insulation results are achieved. Lift-and-slide door therefore fulfills the requirements of EnEV with ease.

Folding sliding door

A unique folding sliding door, which meets the requirements of EnEV with ease and impresses thanks to its narrow face widths as well as its wide range of designs. With the folding sliding system, TACTUM is offering a highly thermally insulated folding sliding door which achieves a Ufvalue of up to 1.7 W/(m2K) and a Uwvalue < 1.3 W/(m2K) as well as a wide choice of styles.