Wooden sliding doors

Timeless Beauty

Wood is a material that radiates energy and beauty. Transparent coating enhance its natural color and texture. Windows made from this material in TACTUM system are not only durable and reliable but also keep its classic look.


Balcony and terrace doors are a very significant element in every house. Choose an appropriate solution for your home or office with balcony, terrace or garden.
Through the use of big glass panels, the rooms gain more light, the areas become optically bigger and the house gains new character. Application of low threshold can make it better and more comfortable.

Lift and slide doors

HS lift and slide system is an ideal solution for very wide and high opened glass panels.

HS fittings used in such type of balcony doors enable sliding the sashes in one plane without the necessity of putting sashes aside prior to sliding.

In spite of great dimensions and weight of the sash, handling of HS lift and slide doors is very simple and does not require considerable physical strength.

We also offer a corner version of this door. In such case, opening both sashes frees up the entire corner of the room.

Accordion door is an investment for the future.

Application of wooden soft line profiles characterized by high stability and aesthetic values combined with considerable amount of glass gives an effect of bright and elegant interiors.

Accordion doors are ideal for the space between your garden and home, providing more space and bringing you closer to nature.

Tilt and slide doors

Perfect solution for creating space in houses, flats and offices. Slide systems enable to apply big panels, thus making light more available. They are highly functional, very tight, and easily maintained.

This system is intended for small and medium sashes. Advanced technology enables easy handling. After twisting the ergonomic handle by 90 degrees, the sash comes into tilting position. Further downward twist moves it to a sliding position